About Us

Innovation in Design

Ark-La-Tex 3D Technology (ALT3D) is a Louisiana Limited Liability Company domiciled

in Shreveport, Louisiana. The company initially provided customized 3D printing

and scanning services that rely on additive manufacturing, a process that

transforms a virtual model into a solid object layer based on a digital file without

requiring any additional labor. 


ALT3D has three founding members:


Matthew Hopper, who has a title of Process Manager at LIbbey Glass’s Plant in

Shreveport and has over twenty years experience and is a former adjunct professor

at Bossier Parish Community College. 

Mark Holstrom, has extensive design and manufacturing experience

as an architectural metal designer, product prototype development and an

Artisan Chocolatier has a collective thirteen years of experience in heavy industrial

equipment operations with an additional seven years specializing in commercial

and residential architectural design.

Stuart Crichton is a Shreveport-based attorney and has been practicing law since 2013.

After the outbreak of COVID-19 in Louisiana, Eric Hess of Sanctuary Arts School and Glass Studio started a statewide initiative to provide PPE to the medical community and first responders. Eric serves on Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkin’s PPE Advisory Committee. Eric contacted ALT3D to determine the ways face shields and other medical products could be manufactured to meet the growing demand. ALT3D shifted its focus to produce face shields based on a design by Erik Cederberg and 3DVerkstan. The Veterans Health Administration has reviewed the 3DVerkstan design for use in the clinical setting, and the National Institute of Health has approved its use when fabricated as instructed. ALT3D modified 3DVerkstan's design to create the ZZ Face Shield to maximize production during this crisis

At first, the shields consisted of 3D-printed plastic headbands made of PLA and transparent vinyl sheeting. Due to the massive shortage of Personal Protective Equipment, including face shields , and because of the urgent need for increased availability,

ALT3D developed a strategy to produce upwards of 6,000 shields a day through an injection mold. ALT3D has partnered with Raytech Industries, Regal Plastics, Red Line Mold & Die, and Curtis Wagner Plastics to produce the shields.


Today ALT3D will is up to full production of the shields and will be able to fill all orders within  3 days if each order meets the amount the company can produce daily.