Giving Back

The minute our company began to hear about the shortage of Personal Care Equipment across the country we started developing Shields fo our community. We started with a National Institute Of Health design and made adjustments to meet the needs of first responders and those medical professionals on the frontline. We joined with Sanctuary Arts School that was directing a statewide initiative to provide PPE to the community. Once we realized how many shields were needed we decided to work with various partners in our field to create an injection mold to produce up to 6,000 shields a day. We have donated over 6,000 to those who need it most....the people who continue to work in our community and keep us safe and healthy. We were pleased to be part of this initiative and will continue to donate shields until this pandemic is over.


A special thank you to the Community Foundation of North Louisiana, The Beaird Foundation, Evolve Foundation, LSUS Foundation, SWEPCO and the thousands of individuals who donated to pay for the materials for these shields. As they say, "It takes a village."